Winter Wonderland

A neve chegou cedo aqui na Holanda e com ela trouxe várias oportunidades para fotógrafos amadores como eu. Um mundo branco e abstrato magnificamente espelhado nas lentes da minha câmara. (The snow arrived early here in The Netherlands and with it many opportunities for novice photographers like me have appeared. A white and abstract world beautifully mirrored in my camera lenses.)

Até Papai Noel apareceu com toda essa neve… (Even Santa Claus appeared with all this snow…)

E tem cachorro que está adorando… (And some dogs are loving it…)



About daquiprai

I'm a writer in development (and I always be). Daqui Praí is a mix of thoughts and facts from my point of view to the world.
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3 Responses to Winter Wonderland

  1. Bianca Marie says:

    Nanda, those are some beautiful photos. Can you do me a favor and post the first one again in it’s full size instead of a reduced photo? I’d like to see the detail like with all the other photos. Those are absolutely lovely photographs & that first one appears to be a fine photo too.

    Thanks Nanda!

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