To green or not to green

(versão portuguesa em parênteses)

I’m not talking about the English goalkeeper but about my own green finger.  The one I have not, I mean. (Não estou me referindo, com este título ao goleiro inglês chamado Green, mas ao meu dedo verde. Que eu definitivamente não tenho).

The big proof was my failed tulps. And this is a “real proof”. I’ve bought them in a complete ready package with 100% guarantee of success. I had really nothing to do, just placing them in the tuin. (A prova maior dessa constatação foram minhas tulipas fracassadas. Eu as comprei em uma espécie de pacote pronto com 100% de garantia de que elas iriam germinar. Bastava colocá-las no jardim).

Well, I followed the instruction and placed them in the tuin. This is the result! (Eu segui as instruções e as coloquei no jardim. Este foi o resultado!)

Nevertheless I have a brilliant success with flowers that are already “born” or even with strawberries. By the way, I just ate the two red ones that appears in the photo… delicious! (Entretanto eu até que tenho um brilhante sucesso com flores já crescidas ou mesmo com morangos. A propósito, acabei de comer os dois vermelhinhos que aparecem na foto… deliciosos!).



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I'm a writer in development (and I always be). Daqui Praí is a mix of thoughts and facts from my point of view to the world.
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6 Responses to To green or not to green

  1. Bas says:

    Gooi water!!
    Want als ik die twee bakkies zo bekijk lijkt de substantie verdacht veel op uitgekauwde en verdroogde pruimtabak. Misschien kan je er toch wel gebruik van maken door het te gebruiken als een soort nieuwe kunst mest. Je weet nooit! Je zit misschien wel op een goudmijn.

    • daquiprai says:

      Hé Bas! Echt leuk dat jij mijn blog heeft gezien en gelezen en gecommenteerd!!! Goudmijn of niet zitten ze nu in de prullenbak!!! Btw gefeliciteerd voor de oranje team!!! Heb jij al de liedje gezien?

      • Bas says:

        Ja, dat liedje.
        Ik ben altijd een beetje bang om te ver vooruit te lopen. In ’74 lag er, geloof ik, een hele nieuwe reeks postzegels gereed iv.m. het WK. Allemaal op de scrap heap.
        Moet er niet aan denken.
        Maar het enthousiasme en alle hype die gepaard gaat met het hele gedoe is een gezonde afleider voor het politieke dilemma van de ‘STAAT’, Links, rechts of paars.
        Know something Nan, when we beat Brasil something funny flashed through my head and I thought of you and a beautiful song started to play.”Don’t cry for me, Argentina zo meeslepend!
        Maar ja, dat was al voorbij. But, indeed, the final is between two countries who never were world champions before.
        We zullen maar zien wat ervan wordt. Kindje of een kruiwagen.

      • daquiprai says:

        Tja, it was the same in 70 when Brasil was Tri. The political situation in Brasil was a chaos, the dictatorship, etc… and that was a good diversion. Also, the feeling of “champion” we had in 50 against Uruguay in Rio de Janeiro. A father of a friend of mine was there and he said it was the biggest silence he ever “heard”.

  2. Bas says:

    Oh, about those 2 strawberries. Totally wrong to just eat them. Here is what you should have done:
    Pick them.
    Carefully wash en clean the fruit.
    Arrange them artfully on a suitable platter.
    Apply a generous dollop of whipped fresh cream to each strawberry.
    Squeeze some chocelatty goo over the top. Not to much
    Sprinkle some Bensdorp sprinkle spread over that lot.
    Pour some Jager Meister or other Behrenbrau in a zig zag fashion by way of decoration overall.
    Put the platter on the table.
    Arrange a comfortable chair, vurk en lepel and a servet (large)
    Lead Henk into the temptation, tie the napkin around his neck(not too tight)
    Tell him: eet smakelijk.
    Await results.

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